Kil'jaeden has been vanquished! Along with Fallen Avatar, the end of Tomb of Sargeras proved to be a challenging raid. We look forward to heading to Argus and competing in Antorus, the Burning Throne!



The Nighthold was a solid instance and a great test for guilds. A big thanks to all guilds who participated in the race. We are extremely motivated for Tomb of Sargeras and look forward to competing again!

We are recruiting for Tomb of Sargeras, applicants should be highly motivated and come with a positive attitude towards raiding.

All skilled players will be considered regardless of class.

Helya is dead!

Easy is currently looking for experienced players, especially healers, to round out our roster going into Nighthold. Please apply using the link above or add EzRecruiting#1502 if you have any questions.

Xavius is dead! Though Easy experienced some adversity, we are excited
to have a progression tier under our belt and are looking forward to the Nighthold
race. Congrats to Limit on US 1st and to Exorsus on a mindblowing 1 day clear.